Stafford worth holding onto?

I am currently ranked 3rd in my 12-team league, so I am trying to prepare for the playoff push. Our playoffs start week 14 with the championship game in week 16. I have Darnold and Danny “Dimes” Jones rostered right now, as well. I am debating dropping Stafford and picking up Kyle Allen or Jacoby Brissett. If I am ranked 2nd at the end of week 13, I will get a “first round bye” in the playoffs (week 14). Stafford has been hot other than being out last week.

Do I hold onto in hopes that he can return from injury and return to form? Or should I roster another QB and make the push for the first round bye?

QBs score 6 pts for passing TDs and -3 for interceptions in this league. Let me know your thoughts.

dredina - Stafford is out again this week, but, assuming he’s healthy, my model has him projected to be the QB10 Weeks 12-16. However, his Week 16 opponent is Denver, making him basically unplayable in the Championship. If you can line up another option for the final week, his remaining matchups are good and he is projected to be the QB5 from Weeks 12-15. That includes Week 15 when he plays Tampa(!) and is projected to be the stop-scoring QB on the week. So if you can keep manage without him this week and get another option lined up for Week 16, he is definitely worth hanging onto. My QB model is below to help find some options for the other weeks.

You can check out all my projection models for QBs, TEs and DSTs in my Week 11 streaming post here. It has projections for each week through the end of the year. Comments and feedback welcome. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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