Standard 2 QB League Trade : Newton & Fitzgerald for my Cousins and Lockett

Who wins this trade? Roster is below. Was trying to shop lockett but dont know if I want to take fitz in a standard league. Also have a waiver out to drop lockett for golladay.

QBs: Cousins, Wilson, Rivers
RBs: Elliot, Lynch, Morris, Burkhead, A. Jones
WRs: Beckham, Hill, Goodwin, Enunwa, Locket
TE: Graham

I don’t think you need to do this deal, I see the appeal though. I’d rather have Cousins myself, he has such great receivers all around. Cam has the running upside, but I would still prefer Cousins. After that its basically Lockett for Fitz. Arizona looks awful right now. Even when Baldwin gets back I don’t see Lockett losing too many targets. And Seattle will be throwing as they clearly have trouble running. If you do want to drop Lockett for Golladay, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would even prefer Golladay to Fitz as of now. I always go for the better offense.

Up to you, good luck.

I agree with that. I like Cousins over Cam. I tried to trade Cam to get Cousins and was denied. Cousins has some good targets and it’s only two games in. He’s gonna get more comfortable with them and that’s just good all around. Lockett more than fitz too. Wilson is going to throw to him. Makes you nervous because Wilson doesn’t get it going till late in the third or starting the 4th quarter but that’s been Wilson’s game for a while.

Thanks for the responses, I was conflicted a little because I was high on cam this season as my second QB but cousins has been a nice surprise.