Standard draft advice

Have 5th pick in my draft 10 man league can’t decide between brown or RB like sequin or samara?

I’d go Barkley, AB in that order… But I love RBs

I would need to know if it’s PPR or standard. How many RBs/WRs/Flex you have. It will make a big difference.

But you can’t go wrong with either guys, but RBs are harder to replace. So Barkley is probably the best bet. But no one can go wrong with Brown really. it’s how you draft the rest of the team that makes your team.

It’s standard 2 RBs 2 WR and one flex I wanna lean towards a RB just because it’s not PPR

Brown is a stud in any format but i think in a ten man i don’t mind going Barkley and getting either the best WR in the 2nd or doubling up RB with a guy like Howard, D. Freeman or CMC if he’s there. As it’s standard you might find guys like Julio, Adams, Allen AJ Green and MT have fallen there in 10 team standard because lots of people go heavy RB in the format

Don’t think you can go wrong with either one honestly. Brown does have the track record of being not only the #1 WR in the NFL but consistently the #1 WR in the NFL so I’d probably lean towards him