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Standard draft at the 10 spot!


I feel I had a very very solid draft want to know of the communities feedback and potential moves?

QB: Luck, Rivers
RB: DJ, Zeke, Crowell, Gilli, Hunt, Jamal Williams
WR: Cooper, Fitz, M Bryant, C. Meredith, Davante Parker
TE: Graham
K: Justin Tucker
D/ST: Jaguars

Wr is a litle weak but having DJ affords me to risk with Zeke as he will offer me exceptional RB production. From week 8 going forward I have the best RB duo in the league with two league winning studs!\


Personally I wouldn’t make any moves, very solid draft! Maybe package Fitz and Marty McBride to go get a top tier WR.


Whos mcbride =P sorry not getting the reference!


Bryant for Pitt


Gotcha was not sure of the reference. I could try and move Fitz and Bryant for AJ Green mayb?