Standard Flex Week 1 - Sutton/Hollywood/Gibson

Super flex 10 man, was planning on starting Sutton in my second flex spot but am a little concerned with his sprained right AC joint and a Monday night game so I know that’s a big risk. Knowing how inconsistent Hollywood was last year worries me a little about starting him right out the gate but I also have worries about Antonio Gibson potentially starting the year in a committee.

Who do y’all think I should start in my flex? Courtland Sutton / Marquise Brown / Antonio Gibson??

Thanks y’all!

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I am not great at this so take it with a grain of salt. But I would go ahead and start Hollywood unless you get definitive good info on Sutton. I agree with your assessment of Antonio. Until we see how things shake out. It’s a risk no matter which way you go.

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I’m wrestling with the Gibson/Suttton conundrum myself. If healthy, I’d play Sutton over Brown and Gibson. I think Hollywood has a better week 1 than the rook. Good luck!


Thanks for the input, I feel the same way. Unless something else comes up I plan on starting Hollywood and hoping for a week 1 show like he had last year and hopefully get more clarity with Gibson this week!

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For sure, hopefully it’s a week 1 like he did last year as 26.7 pts and WR4 for the week hahaha. That’d be nice lmao.