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Standard Keeper keep forever


Would you take Fournette over any of:
Michael Thomas

Who are your top two if all available to keep?


over gurley for sure, after that it gets kind of iffy. all young, and talented players with opportunity. i can say yes to over thomas. with drew brees retiring soon, we really dont know what he will be like without him. gordon is kind of the same with rivers. if they dont get a good QB and people que in on him even more, he could do way worse. howard is one that i think i keep knowing that this year he wont be the hottest, but after that if they do it right, he has all upside. fournette just has all the potential in the world. he just happened to have landed on the jags. good news, they will lean on him heavy. bad news… everyone knows this. if bortles can get his shit together for just a little while every game he will be fantastic. so for me, my top 2 keepers out of these are:


and thats with me being a huge fan of thomas and gordon. i like all of these players pretty equally so i have to go off of the future potential of them all.