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Standard Keeper league trade question Evans vs Ajayi


I am in a standard 3 player keeper league. I have Freeman in 3rd and Demaryious Thomas in the 5th. Someone offered me a trade Mike Evans (4th round value and is my guy) for Ajayi 11th round value. Unsure what to do. I am hesitant because of Ajayi injury history and lack of consistency.


Mike Evans is a pretty good value in the 4th, but there aren’t too many bellcows in the NFL and Ajayi is one. For an 11th round pick, that is some hella good value.

Personally I do not have faith in Ajayi this year, but you really aren’t risking much at the 11th. I’d take him and draft some WRs early to fortify.


Thanks! Problem is that most top WRs aren’t available because they are kept. I’d be giving up a stud WR that I plan on keeping for a long time for a RB that is still unproven.


What are your keeper rules? How many teams?


10 teams, you keep 3 players in the round you drafted last year and ADP with guys who were undrafted. If you have players with the same round then you lose the next round pick. Ex: if you have 2 guys that were drafted in the 3rd round you would lose your 3rd and 4th round picks. Also it’s a snake draft.


So in a 10 team league it is safe to assume the top 30 players will be kept. 15 of those (50%) will be RBs, 12 (40%) are WRs.

However, after the top 30 the numbers shift dramatically. 29% of the remaining top 200 are RBs, and 41% are WRs. Further, of that 170, the WRs will generate more points.

Just to be safe you may want to take a look at the other teams and project who they will keep, then reevaluate your options.