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Standard Keeper


Wondering who i should keep as my 3rd keeper. I’m already keeping Crow ad CJ anderson, here are my options.

for a 12th round
Davonte adams, hunter henry, taylor gabrial, marcom mitchel

I’m between adams and henry mostly. so with a possible WR2 or a good TE i don’t have to worry about unill ate.

Standard scoring, no PPR.


Worth noting. ill have the 3rd pick so ill prob get AB first.


I don’t like Adams all that much, but Adams for a 12th is a no brainer for the upside that he showed last year.


Im with ya, not a huge adams fan and every year i take/keep a GB WR they are always the dud ha… both henry and adams could be TE machines but also just be TD dependent.


But you can grab Henry fairly late vs drafting Adams WAYYY too early.

Idk…its a tough one. You might murder me if Gates retires after his TD and Henry goes on a TD Spree.


What rounds are you giving up for Crow and CJ?
Davonte has the best value, a 4/5th ADP player at 12th.


I believe Crow will be a 5th and CJ and 10th. both henry and adams i got off the waiver