Standard league - Bell, Crabtree, & Landry for McCoy, Anderson, & Baldwin

I am 5-2 and looking to bolster my roster with a second good RB. I have Bell, Montgomery, Kelley, and Mack, so the only one I have any confidence in is Bell. My WR core is strong, I have Dez, Crabtree, Allen, Landry, Shepard, and John Brown. I was offered McCoy, Anderson, and Baldwin for Bell, Crabtree, and Landry. I am wondering what you guys think about it given my current RB situation. It sucks that Montgomery had his job stolen but the only other starting RB I have is Kelley and I don’t feel good about it. I am kind of leaning towards taking the trade, because McCoy, Anderson, and Baldwin are all past their bye week, and give me three solid starters. What do you think?

First glance you’re giving up way too much. Bell is awesome, Crabtree is a TD machine and Landry is on fire.

You’re 5-2 so you must be doing something right and in your situation I would probably do nothing but if you have the itch for a trade I would try to move a WR or two for a stud RB.

Something like Crabtree and Keenan Allen for Shady and Baldwin or Crabtree and Landry for Shady and Baldwin.

Btw I don’t like McCoy since I think he’s just so close to getting a serious injury due to his massive usage early in his career but his schedule does look really good and he’s pretty much the offense so I might be warming up to him.

Yeah, I decided to decline the trade, Bell is just such a beast and can put up 40 any game.

I am so glad you declined this. That is a God-Awful trade for you. I’m assuming Anderson is CJ? Glad you declined… Well done.

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Yeah CJ has disappeared in a 3-back committee and Landry is coming on now, especially with Moore under center.