Standard League Drafting 8 out of 12 Strategy

I am back and forth so much with this position!

The majority of the time in Mocks I have been taking Melvin Gordon in round 1 and either McCaffrey or Jordan Howard in round 2. Round 3 seems like a good time for Theilin/Diggs/Baldwin/Hill. Round 4 taking Watson, Russel, or Cam.

That being said, I would be passing up on Hopkins or OBJ. Being a Texans fan, I’ve thought of Hopkins in round 1, Howard round 2 (after listening to the fellas talk him up and coming across an article with some great info, as well as finishing 10th amongst RBs in standard), and then going after Watson in round 3 if he is still there (we have 5 points for passing td).

Sometimes I get set in with a strategy and may overlook other value. Should i go more balance with Hopkins, Howard, QB, RB (Drake/freeman/lynch) ?

what yall think?