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Standard league help.need draft advice


So I will be in a standard draft in a few days,very last minute.don’t know where I’m drafting as we will be doing our draft order day of,so very difficult to mock.what are the differences in draft strategy from standard to ppr and what type of players should I target in standard??thanks in advace


In standard, I would certainly go running back in the first round only if you’re able to draft Gurley, Zeke, Bell, DJ, or Kamara. You’ll get good value at WR in the 2nd and 4th round so I’d look to do that. Obviously plans can changed based on your pick, but I think that’s a good start. I would stay away from Christian McCaffery (sp?) in standard. I’d also stay away from anyone on the Buffalo Bills.


Nit a drastic change but pass catching RBs get a bump in value as do guys like Julian Edelman and Golden Tate. Lots of volume just lacking tds