Standard league help!

12 team standard, would be giving up my Darren Waller, courtland sutton, Carlos Hyde and golden Tate for Kelce and keenan Allen. Should I do it? Team would be:
Qb: Wilson (bye) this week: Kyle Allen
Rb: Zeke
Rb: Carson (bye) this week:Josh Jacobs
Wr: Mike Evans
Wr: keenan Allen
TE: kelce
Flex: *Josh Jacobs (this week Allen Robinson)
D: Steelers
K: Lambo
Allen Robinson
Tyler Boyd
Jacob hollister (reason i was comfy to maybe move Waller)

I know it gets rid of a lot of my depth but I’m 7-3 and as of now have a first round bye for playoffs so I’m thinking this might be good for that playoff run. What do y’all think?

so the trade is waller and sutton for kelce and allen.

Kelce > Waller
Allen >= Sutton

The other two pieces are just to “sweeten” the pot

I think i would take the Kelce Allen side and hope allen turns it back on

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