Standard league keep Tarik Cohen or Marquise Goodwin?

Haha yea I know I am rolling the dice a little but Watson is still a great last round pick and I think I could get OBJ if I have the 6th pick or earlier in the draft… I am pretty confident that at least 3 people are keeping a player in the 1st round. So regardless of my draft position I will be picking somewhere from 1-9 in the order with these top players: Elliott, Barkley, Cook, Hunt, Jones, OBJ, McKinnon, Freeman, Mixon, Howard, Adams

Deshaun Watson for us. It’s a small sample size from last year, but his pts/game was off the charts. Coning off a major injuriy, but Watson’s skill set and #s were mesmerizing. Nice drafting Late Favre. Who you like there this year?

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