Standard League Keeper

10 Team Standard league need to choose between:

Aaron Jones in the 2nd
David Montgomery in the 7th
Darrell Henderson in the 8th

Leaning Montgomery, but I may be to close to it after he carried me to my first championship after 8 seasons in this league so I’m open to perspective here!

I like Jones and Monty. Roll the dice with Henderson.

Sorry it’s a strictly “or” situation: can only keep one. sorry for the confusion

The price on Montgomery is awesome. Buuuut. I’m all in on Aaron Jones this year. I think TD Regression HAS to be coming for Rodgers, and I think that gets split up nicely to Jones and to a lesser degree, A.J. Dillon. Plus, Packers have a better offense than Chicago and Montgomery. Just my two cents, wouldn’t blame you for going Montgomery.

Thanks for the input. I do like Jones a lot this year as well. My biggest hang up on taking him (aside from monty’s value) is we’ve agreed to set keepers before we decide the draft order. If I knew I had a top 3 pick, I’d be more inclined to take Jones. If I’m closer to the turn then I’m getting him for roughly his adp in a 10 team league and I’ll feel like a fool.

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