Standard league trade help

I got offered Lynch and Hunt for my Elliott. My other rbs are Howard, Hines, Buck Allen and Cohen. My wrs are Diggs, Michael Thomas, Stills, Golladay and Kupp. Thanks in advance!

wow, hmm. seems like you could always just package some of your other rb’s and wr’s, since you’re pretty deep at both, to get a guy like Lynch. so, otherwise, this is just a question of whether you like Hunt or Elliott better kind of. And I like Elliott better myself. i wouldn’t accept this.

Thanks for your advice!

at the same time, you could then use lynch+howard or something to possibly get an additional elite player. that’s tough. i think i still don’t take it, but i’d have to look at both teams’ schedules first. if KC happens to have an easy defensive schedule and Dallas a difficult one, i might take it.

the thing is that elliott will be getting a ton of work all season long. hunt hasn’t truly fit in with this Mahomes offense yet, but will be getting TD looks regardless. if people like to trade in your league and you see a deal to be made using lynch or your other guys, i guess i’d probably take it. it’s kind of a bizarre trade to offer somebody. im guessing that team’s other RB1 is Gurley/Kamara/CMC/Barkley?

He has Barkley and Michel.