Standard league who to start wk1 Lynch or Kerryon Johnson?

In a 10 man standard league I was at the 6 spot. My two first picks were A Brown and Keenan Allen. I was able to grab Joe Mixon as my 3rd pick but ended up with Lynch as my 2nd RB starter. Our league went full out on RBs so a little advice as who to start would be great!

No question for week 1. Gotta start Lynch

Why this is so difficult is because the Lions play the Jets on Monday night football. Maybe it doesn’t matter but oh well

yeah your going to have to start Lynch until we see exactly what role is carved out for Johnson. I wouldnt get cute week one. Go get the point on the floor until we know the ceiling.

I also heard that Lynch will be used as a full back this year and he is on the injury report for this week

They don’t have Lynch playing full back… he will get his 12-20 touches and get goal line work but don’t expect him on any moon to be a lead blocker.

Marshawn might get beastmode-touches

I don’t see a world, where Lynch gets 20 touches. Rams are going to dominate Oakland. It’s going to be a pass heavy script. Cooper/Jordy will be great plays this week, Lynch as a non-pass catching back, probably won’t be.

Having said that, still probably have to go Lynch in a standard. Too many players in the Lions backfield.

would you like it if i just put 12 +? lol just a range of outcomes

Him getting less than 12 touches. Is a very realistic outcome. 10-15 is probably what I’d say he gets.

Even with the rams likely dominating the game you should still go with lynch. He already has an established role on the team. Kerryon, on the other hand, will likely be behind Blount and Roddick and maybe even Abdullah. That’s not to say that kerryon couldn’t have a good game, I just think you should take the side of opportunity, and at this point in the season, lynch has more oportunities.

I have kerryon on my team as well though, and I’m super excited to see what happens with him the first few weeks. If he blows up week 1 at least then your decision is made for week 2. But i think you should stick with lynch.

lynch is a starter. johnson is in a committee.
no bilal powell on the waiver?

Our waiver wire works different than any other league. Its shut down till Sunday at noon so I can’t grab anybody else for week 1

that sucks. yeah gotta go with lynch man… i mean if you have the good enough team to take the gambit with johnson go for it. but lynch is the starter. unfortunately his is going against suh and donald. and i think the raiders are going to be playing from behind and throwing a lot. so its a risk either way man

The rams were ranked 28th overall last year against the rush. 4.7 yards per attempt average and allowed 15 TDs. I know thats last years stats and its a who brand new year but these stats are what is making this very difficult to sit Lynch and start Johnson behind 3 other RBs. Appreciate the input guys! I’ll wait for Johnson to pan out before getting too fancy

I definitely was not telling you to bench lynch in favor of johnson.

I’ll take 10-15 touches over 6-8 touches every day of the week. Rams did add Suh though which completely changes their run D. And the issue is, Rams are just going to run train over Oaklands D making it very hard for oakland to establish a consistent running game.