Standard League WR Rankings

I will likely be put in a position to draft one of the following WR’s here are the options:

Michael Thomas
Keenan Allen
Davantae Adams
A.J Green

How would you rank them?

I dont think you can go wrong with any on the top 3. I’d rank AJ Green last of the 4. I’d go Thomas, Keenan, Adams, Green

Adams is easily last for me, of that group. The other tree are somewhat interchangeable, but I’d actually say Green has the highest upside, though may be the lower floor as well.

We are not sure how to rank them at the moment, but here is some intel:

AJ Green - The best talent out of the group. Poor QB play in a mediocre offense is the dilemma.
Michael Thomas & Keenan Allen - Solid yardage production on a weekly basis. See more Tds from both than last year as Ingram suspension and Hunter Henry injury makes them more viable targets in the red zone.
Davantae Adams - Back to back double digit TDs, but under 1K receiving yards. Forecasting that changes this year as A Rodge old BFF, Jordy, is gone, in with the new. Back in 2016, Jordy was the #2 overall wr as well as a top 10 finish from Adams w/12 TDs.

SBK out

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I’m assuming .5 PPR for my rankings:

  1. Thomas
  2. Allen
  3. Green
  4. Adams.

Like @Codemanwb13 mentioned, its really hard to go wrong with these picks. As always, the makeup of your team plays into this as well. You can go for more consistency and try to get Allen or Thomas, or go for the big Weeks with Green and Adams (Adams may be more consistent this year being the true 1 in town). Just my thoughts!

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Adams is last for me.

Green is the riskiest of the remaining 3 but I think last year was an outlier and not a sign of decline for him.

I personally would go for Allen or Thomas (slight edge to Allen) due to them being more consistent.

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In standard, we would lean Adams this year as he has the highest ceiling among the group. Double Digit TDs last 2 seasons and no Jordy. Forecasting 1200 yards 14TDs

SBK out

I would rank them:

That being said, I think they are all top 10 WRs with top 5 upside, so any of them would be a fine pick.

Green and Allen are 1a 1b for me. Thomas is a close “second” and Adams doesn’t belong in consideration

Fun fact: Rodgers has targeted a WR 140+ times exactly twice. Both Jordy Nelson.

Another fun fact: AJ Green has averaged 148 targets per 16 games for his career.

Another fun fact: Adams has never had 1000 receiving yards in a season (though he may as well have in 2016 - 997) and has averaged less than 12 ypr for his career.

ANOTHER fun fact: AJ Green has averaged nearly 15 ypr for his career.

I don’t know how anyone reconciles these facts with Adams having the higher upside. Rodgers is great, but he rarely hyper targets one WR, and there is no record of him doing that with anyone not named Jordy, and those two had a freakish connection that is well documented. He’s easily last on this list.

Thank you good sir! And I’m a Packers fan, but Adams will never be a thing. It’s like Gretchen Weiners trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s never going to happen!

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I mean, I think he IS a thing, the #1 on the team, and a nice fantasy asset. I just take issue with anyone cutting and pasting Jordy Nelson’s stats into Adams box score going forward. It’s lazy analysis. Nelson was an outlier, and was really only that for 2 seasons.

I can’t understand how you can say he won’t be a thing. 2016 he had 997 yards and 10 TDs, and that was sharing the field with Jordy who had 1257 yards and 14 TDs. 2017 he had 885 yards and 10 TDs in 14 games with Brett Hundley throwing him the ball in 8 of those games.

I would make a water bet that he is a “thing” this year.


People are calling for a breakout after the Jordy departure. Yet having we been calling for a breakout for years now? He’s a red zone threat who routinely drops the ball. I suppose Rodgers is going to start throwing to his tight end now too, now that he has a past his prime Jimmy Graham right? Remember when Cobb had his big season? The fact of the matter is that you cannot bank on anybody EXCEPT Rodgers on the packers offense. Alison has every bit of an opportunity to make a splash, or one of the rookie receivers.

I’m simply saying Adams has never and will never be on the same tier as Green or Allen in my book. And to put him in that grouping shows how either disrespected those two are, or how far this hype train has gotten out of control.

Adams is a great player, he may even win you a week or two. But he will leave a bad taste in your mouth despite finishing as a back end WR1. Think something like Julio last year, which was an anomaly for him.

You make it sound like Adams is entering into his 7th/8th year or something when you reference Julio. I’m not buying into this. Adams is entering his 5th year in the league and is only 25. His best is yet to come.

I get the age argument, I do. But that same argument could be made for guys like Brandon Cooks or Amari Cooper. My argument is that we have seen what they are and to project them higher without any solid foundation is risky. The reason guys like OBJ and Hopkins, who are also young, are drafted as top tier guys is because they ARE top tier guys. The proof is in the film and the stats. But when you draft Cooks or Cooper or Adams, you may get your WR1 finish, but you also know you will get disappointment built in.

Once in a while, you have to pick your spots and find a breakout candidate. Just like Mike Evans situation a few years back, Adams is young and this season warrants some attn for Breakout Potential. Sounds to me you have jumped him previously and he’s disappointed ???

I would make a water bet he finishes better than Green this year.

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You sure are all about water bets with no way of actually making them happen lol!

And again, Packers fan here… I’ve never actually owned Adams because I’ve never believed in him. Cobb on the other hand has burned me a few times ha! And I’m still buying in this year!