Standard: Morris or Juju this week?

Need to flex one… Juju smith-schuster or Alfred Morris?

Morris he’s got more chances to get points

The only thing that concerns me is since we haven’t seen what it’s like without zeke, seeing McFadden or smith steal the work and Morris put up next to nothing. But with juju I love the matchup against the colts, it’s more so that Bryant is coming back and the Steelers already have brown and bell so I’m definitely in a tough spot to say the least

I feel there gonna give Bryant a few extra targets this week to make him happy so that’s gonna cut into juju workload I don’t think micfadden will do anything

DMC is most likely going to be irrelevant. I can see Smith maybe stealing some work but they’ve got a plan going into Sunday. Martavis will share Juju’s workload which brings his floor and ceiling down.

As a Cowboys fan I think Rod Smith is gonna be the man to replace Zeke-I picked him up in a few leagues over Morris-He can run and catch-I think a lot of people are gonna be surprised-that’s just my opinion—

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So do you see Morris outscoring Juju in standard? With all those reports pre season about dmc being the guy I’m a little hesitant. I just have Hunt on a bye and Evans is suspended this week. So the flex is tough because the colts D is god awful against the pass, however I do have Lev Bell so would it be counterproductive to start Bell and juju since the run/pass take away from one another?

Do you think smith will get the majority of work over Morris though? Morris’ pass catching inability has me hesitant because the game script may not go in his favor as I see it being a high scoring game

I also have smith and just offered a guy drake, Morris for hunt

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This is just my opinion but I like Smith over Morris-I think he will have 70 yards or so total-I have Ju Ju as well but am not looking for him to do much since Bryant is back-if Bryant gets his head straight it could be a wr2 committee-he has the talent-

Stacking is irrelevant really. The run is going to take away the pass regardless and that can happen in any game script so you have to start your studs for sure. I think Martavis playing will take away from Juju though. Morris has been practicing with the First team in Dallas so he is expected to start with Smith behind him getting in reps with the second team.

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Stacking is not irrelevant-injuries happen-look at D Watson when he got hurt that impacted a lot of things-

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Yeah in cases like that I agree, but ultimately we’re talking about a healthy offense where both players are healthy behind their starting QB.


i have the same thing lol