Standard: Shady for Fournette and Dak?

Rest of Team:
QB: Cam
RB: Shady
RB: Doug Martin
WR: Cooper
WR: Alshon
TE: Gronk

Corey Davis
Alfred Morris

Yes. Shady = Fournette roughly, so you are basically getting Dak for free.

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Not worried at all about fournettes injury? I feel like shady is a beast, but I also do feel like they’re pretty similar

I would, who knows what Newton looks like ROS. Funchess, Curtis Samuel, and Ed Dickson arent exactly world beaters. Especially with Funchess likely to see far more attention from the D.

Not anymore worried than I am about Shady’s injury history

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Do it for sure

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I’d do that for sure.