Star Wars Dynasty League - Startup - Bankroll, Superflex, TE super premium (and much more)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

The Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire have battled through the years resulting in this competitive and entertaining environment for its dedicated members. The environment, referred to as The League will provide a safe haven for those willing members that want to prove they are the best of the best for the present and the future. The League will survive on the strength of The Force and owners’ dedication to their team’s strategy and execution.

Welcome to the Star Wars Dynasty League!

We are looking for active, competitive and fun owners to build a great league together.

A brief summary of you can expect in this league:

  • $155 yearly buy-in (LeagueSafe)
  • League hosted in MFL
  • 14 teams, 2 divisions
  • Bankroll league
  • Superflex format
  • Lots of scoring bonuses
  • Large Taxi Squad (expands in year 2)
  • Slack for day to day league communication
  • Master and Apprentice Auctions, Jar Jar Bowl, and more!

Startup Auction will start the day after the league is full, and everyone has paid they 2018 fee + 50% 2019 fee.

For more details, here are the league bylaws and the link to the MFL league site:



If you feel this league is for you, don’t hesitate in contacting me at

May the force be with you! (or…May the Fourth and goal be with you!)

I’m down to join the dark side…

Just sent you an email.

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Just sent you an email back! :slight_smile:

aww hell yeah this sounds pretty good. i would have to drop a league to do it, but if i do im down!

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We’ll be happy to have you! Send me an email, and we can discuss details.

7/14 spots already taken.
Hit me up if you are interested in joining!

Definitely joining this. Sounds awesome.

Happy to have you! Send me a message with your email, or joins in Slack :smiley:

Bumping this up. Still a few spots left.