Star Wars Fantasy League 2021

Star Wars Fantasy League

A battle of light and dark. Become a Jedi or Sith and battle for draft pick supremacy in the new Star Wars Fantasy Football league. Use the force to manipulate your draft position on the draft board. Participate with in season bounty hunting and pod racing. Build a legacy, master the art of the force. Weekly battles that change the leagues storyline.

Join Episode I today. $50 entrant fee. Winner of the league gets a randomized custom made lightsaber with premium sound effects! Looking for 12, possible 24 for 2 leagues.

Email to get started!

7/12 filled!

this sounds like a great idea. let me know if another spot opens up

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Let’s get another league started!

Another league has started! 5/12

8/12 filled

1 spot left to fill

Did you fill it?

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No sir! One spot left!