Start 2/3 - Full Point PPR

Semi finals in a full point PPR and I need to start 2 out of Alfred Morris, Theo Riddick, and Marquise GREATwin. I like the matchup for Morris and the floor for Riddick; but Goodwin is tempting.

Any thoughts?


I think if riddick is the starter I would go Alf and Riddick for safety or Riddick and Greatwin for a bigger game.

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You have to start Riddick if Abdullah is out and I really like Goodwin too.

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That’s actually a really good call. With Greatwin at 4:25 and Morris at 8:30 Sunday. With all the players in our matchup that play Thursday/Saturday/and 1:00 Sunday I should have a good idea if I need a floor play (Morris) or a ceiling play (Greatwin).