Start 2 - Coleman, Kamara, Aaron Jones

Already starting Devonta Freeman…I’m not afraid to start 2 RBs from the same team.

Coleman and Kamara. Montgomery is supposed to be back this week. Most likely in limited fashion, but he will take snaps away from Jones

I’ve got Montgomery on my bench as well…should he be thrown in the mix? I was thinking he’d be too limited to impact Jones.

I am holding off on this week with Montgomery. Thing is he could have a monster game for all we know. But I am not going to take the risk of him not getting many snaps or God forbid he reinjures his ribs. I think Kamara is a safe bet because he is going to be in the same mix as Tevin Coleman. Same snap count and Kamara is a very good pass catcher, you can expect abou 8-10 pass targets with Kamara