Start 2: Martin, Ellington, McGuire

PPR league, need upside.

Down 12 in projection (22.4 actual) points going into the day. I’m 1-4, and getting a bit desperate…

martin and mcguire

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Yes. Martin, and McGuire.

Well I guess they wound up the best, so thanks…

Martin: 15.40 points
McGuire: 2.20 points
Ellington: 0.00 points

Thanks to 30.10 points from LeVeon Bell, 29.80 points from Larry Fitzgerald and 26.26 points from Josh McCown, I was able to somehow eek out the 4.16-point win.

Was one of two 1-4 teams coming into the week, but looks like I’m now going to be one of six 2-4 teams in this 12-team league going into next week. Just one game out of the playoffs!

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