Start 2 of 3

Gotta start 2 of 3 Kupp, Ayiuk and Dobbins… been starting Kupp all year and feel like this might be the week to fade him with a possible massive lead early… but boy do I not want to be screwed by him hahah. Any thoughts? Currently leaning Ayiuk and Dobbins. Half ppr.

Definitely start Aiyuk. He is in a smash spot against DAL.

The issue between Dobbins and Kupp is will they get volume. They both have smash spots as well (Kupp vs NYJ; Dobbins vs JAX).

I lean Dobbins due to he has been receiving 12-15 touches a game and if the game gets out of hand he will still get touches to run out the clock.

Kupp I believe will be game scripted out. I do not believe NYJ can keep up with LAR and this game may potentially get out of hand fast.

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Exactly what I was thinking wanted to see it people were thinking the same way… I love Kupp’s talent but I think he’s phased out very early and he may see his lowest snap count of the year.