Start 2 of 4: D Johnson, T Cohen, A Jones, T Hilton

I’m not sure who to start in my RB and flex spot. I have Phillip Lindsey as RB1. Jones kinda worries me against Chicago and the cardinals offense is just terrible, though Atlanta’s D isn’t great either. Right now I have Jones in rb2 and Johnson at flex, but I’m kind of leaning towards Cohen.

What do you guys think? Thanks footballers!

HiIton is likely out. He didnt practice all week and they may wanna stop pushing his injuries each week and rest him.

I’d go cohen and dj. Jones has a matchup with the defense that shut down todd Gurley

Ya I agree

Still trying to decide this decision. Hilton is active, so should I roll with him or stick with Johnson and Cohen?

Ty Hilton they’re favorites @home and he ty hilton