Start 2 out of 3

Standard scoring, I’m up 6 pts
I can play 2 of these 3: D. Cook, Diggs or CJ Anderson
looking for the highest floor!

Cook for sure. Anderson v Diggs is tough. I’m really not an Anderson fan, but a starting RB is typically safer than most non-elite WRs. I’d probably lean Diggs, but I’m not super confident.

Thx for the reply
I think ill go with the rbs - only because it’s standard and because of diggs moving out of the slot (?)

Cook & CJ if you want the floor.

cook and diggs for floor for me. but i also hate CJ anderson.

Cook and Diggs for me as well

I’m in the same situation! Although I have Jamaal Charles rather than CJ. I’m playing Cooks and Diggs for sure!