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Start 2 Players - Week 6


Jordan Howard, Adam Thielen or Golden Tate???


Is this full ppr?


PPR, 12 team league


The rankings show I should start Howard and Thielen, but I’m wondering if Tate will have a slightly better game.


Howard has a tough matchup so I’m cautious of him, Tate should be in a high scoring affair and thielen is wr1 for Viking with diggs out. I’d go with the 2 wr’s


Howard and Thielen yes. You are right, it’s that way because Diggs is out so Thielen is going to be force fed. Tate is going to have a good game as well, too bad you can’t play them all.


So, my starting lineup would look like Kamara, Hunt. Thielen, Tate and benching Howard this week???


I would lean Howard over Kamara personally


Howard is not one to bench that’s for sure.


My thinking, which could prove to be wrong is that Kamara will have a larger role in New Orleans now that Adrian Peterson left and Jordan Howard would have a tougher matchup against a strong Ravens DEF.


Howard for sure. Then theilen. Diggs is out


Sit Tate or Kamara then???