Start 2 receivers out of 4

Juju vs LAR (Roller Coaster), Gallup vs MIN (Great start but has cooled off fast), Aj Brown vs KC (No Corey Davis), Sammy Watkins vs TEN (Mahomes back). Which two would you start this week?

AJ Brown and Watkins

Juju and AJ brown would be my choices, unless your projected to lose by a lot As Watkins has a huge ceiling but dumper of a floor, then I’d take him over brown.

Thanks, I have such a hard time pulling the trigger on Watkins. But it seems like he should have good game.

Projected to lose by 2 so close game. I don’t know if I can stomach sitting Juju even though recent history has told me I should. THis is where I am leaning is these two.

I think just avoid juju with Ramsey covering.

Ramsey doesn’t follow to the slot.

Does weddle cover slot or Littleton(think he’s the OLB)

Not sure, but not sure it would make a difference. I am assuming its a nickel corner not a linebacker though.