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Start 2, Standard Scoring


I am currently the underdog by 10 pts. Who should I add to my lineup?
Current Roster:
QB: Tyrod Taylor
RB1: DeMarco Murray
RB2: Kareem Hunt
WR1: Jordy Nelson
WR2: __________
TE: Charles Clay
FLX: __________

Marshawn Lynch
Martavius Bryant
Devonta Parker
Michael Crabtree


Crabtree and Lynch ! Those were also the must starts on this weeks podcast episodes!


Lynch is a must… its a crapshoot on the other 3 as a flyer.


I agree with Lynch and crab. If you don’t want two on the same team I woul look at Parker. But that is a pure gamble


I like Crabtree and Lynch of those 4. The Steelers seemed a little out of sorts last week, and don’t have the easiest matchup this week against the Vikings. I’d like to see a little proof on Parker first. He is on my bench this week as well.