Start 2 WR

Need to start 2 WR in a Half-PPR (WR2, WR/TE) , all are pretty rough matchups or haven’t shown much consistency yet this year.

Jones Jr.
Tyrell Williams (On Waivers)
Robert Woods (On Waivers)

Was leaning Williams as one if I can pick him up.

Rest of Team

QB: Brees
R1: Bell
RB2: Hunt
WR1: Fitzgerald
WR2: Open
WR/TE: Open
TE: Clay
Flex: Cohen

In this case I’d start Crabtree. He’s got a terrible matchup but the Raiders are going to have to do something to try and score and in this case, even with a bad matchup I think he’s better than your alternatives. Don’t get cute, start your studs!

Great thanks, yea I was thinking that as well based off of rankings, but I also saw on Twitter that he wasn’t seen at the start of individual drills today at practice. So I’m hoping he goes Sunday.