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Start 2 WR's - K. Allen, T. Hilton, P. Garcon


Start 2 WR, 1/2 pt PPR, big plays get you a bonus, 40 yds and more.

K. Allan @ DEN - I believe main CB is out of this game.
TY Hilton @ LAR - We all no how well he does without Luck
P. Garcon vs CAR - I’m thinking lots of targets.

My initial instinct is Allen and Garcon. Just wanted other opinions?



I’d go with what you are thinking too.


Yeah I’m thinking so too. Thanks.


No problem man here to help!


I agree with your thinking in going with Allen and Garcon. But keep an eye out to see if Talib is going to play or not, I think he’s listed as questionable.


You’re correct. Don’t over think it.