Start 3 - D. Parker, D. Moore, Kupp, Jamaal Williams

Looking to fill in two WR slots and a flex.

I like Parker and Moore as volume plays. Really nervous about Kupp against Baltimore, so I am considering playing Jamaal Williams against SF over him.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

If you only have to fill two slots I think Parker and Moore is the play. Its trending towards Woods being out this week again so I would expect the Rams to game plan more usage for Kupp, but its Baltimore and that Rams O-line is terrible.

And just after I hit send Robert Woods returns to the team and will practice… so there is that

I just saw Woods returned as well - really think this helps the Rams, as Goff needs as much help as he can get to move the ball. If the receiving core is at full strength, I’ll take my chances on Kupp’s talent over Jamaal Williams as a flex (Parker and Moore are locked).