Start 3/Drop 1

Quite the dilemma here in my 0.5 PPR league. I still need a kicker for this week, out of the four following players, I need to start three of them and drop one to get said kicker. Keep in mind that Phillip Rivers is my QB…some of this is contingent upon Melvin Gordon being out again this week…
Austin Ekeler vs. CIN
Justin Jackson vs. CIN
Jeff Wilson vs. DEN
Chris Godwin vs. NO

I guess I would drop Jackson. I wouldn’t play 2 rbs from the same team, as the pats and saints are the only situation where I see that as a viable option. I like Jackson and would want to keep him on the bench, but since you have to drop 1, I would pick him. Godwin would be my 2nd option.

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That’s exactly where I am. It’s really between Godwin and Jackson. Whoever isn’t playing will get cut. The rest of my bench is Aaron Rodgers, Melvin Gordon, Matt Breida, Marlon Mack, and the Bears D. No other options to cut there.

I also would drop Jackson.

Well piss…My drop may have just been made for me…