Start 3 for WK11 - Just picked up Brown

.5 PPR
So I just picked up A. Brown and need some help on who to start sit since I got skunked last week.
A. Brown
L. Fitz
S. Shepard
J. Smith-Schuster
T. Ginn Jr

This is a good problem to have but I just want to make sure I don’t have a repeat of last week when I played Ginn over Fitz and miss out on 17 points. I am on the cusp of the Playoffs and need the right help.

J. Schuster is on fire but Brown will rally??? right? Gin will come back or is that the norm? will Fitz have another big game with Palmer out? How well can Shepard keep up the production with Manning playing as poorly as he has, I mean they just lost to the 9ers…


Id go Brown, Fitz and Shepard… the rest are not the top targets for their respective teams.

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