Start 3, full Ppr league

Kupp, Ceedee, juju, AB and Terry

Kupp and CeeDee for sure, AB just had his big week, so he’s a no, and I don’t know if I trust McLaurin yet with a backup QB and the D that held Sutton to one catch–so that leaves Juju at home vs. the Raiders.

I’d go CeeDee and Kupp for sure and then flip a coin on Terry and AB.

Lot of mouths to feed in TB, but damn - he looked good. I think the volume in that offense can support multiple solid receiving efforts per week, so I’m comfortable with this floor.

Main question is whether you need to see it from Terry with the QB situation before you feel comfortable starting him. I’m certainly not terrified of that defense, but I get wanting to give it a week or two if you have other options.

I’d go AB as my third if I’m you.