Start 3 of these 4 RBs

I’m in a standard scoring league and we can start 2 rbs and I’m looking to flex a 3rd. Which three of these four go in my lineup?

Abdullah v. Steelers
Dion Lewis v. Chargers
Doug Martin v. Panthers
Kamara v. Bears

Right now, Lewis is on my bench, but I’m considering sitting Ameer for him. I’m also considering benching Kamara and starting both Dion and Ameer. Martin seems to be the untouchable here…but I’m open to suggestions.


I would bench Dion Lewis. He’s the least attractive option volume wise here. Next bench would be Abdullah.

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Thanks for the response. I tend to agree, which is why Lewis is currently benched.

Lewis was a nice pickup for me, a new toy to play with. And there’s ever possibility that he finds the end zone this weekend as his role continues to grow. But that’s a wing-and-a-prayer type start…a gamble compared to Ameer’s guaranteed touches in a game that could be high scoring.