Start 3 RB

Standard Scoring, pick 3. Well, Bell is a lock so pick 2 more :smile:

LeV Bell (lock)

CJ Anderson vs Chargers
Kareem Hunt @ Patriots
Ameer Abdullah vs Cardinals

I’d say hunt probably. Toss up with the other two.

CJ and Abdullah. To me, Hunt is an overvalued player until proven worthy. I could see him turning the ball over against a decent NE defense. I would be in a wait and see approach with Hunt if I owned him, but I don’t.

Those are the same thoughts I had. I think Hunt will be great but I need to see it before I can trust him against a team like NE.

Well, sure enough, Hunt turned the ball over. After that, I was wrong, wrong, so, so wrong about him. He looks ready to put up huge numbers all year.

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Luckily for me I started Hunt.

Oh thank God. I just saw this post or i would have pushed for hunt pretty hard. Even though there was no way I saw this coming, I still thought a good game for him was in the works. I just (not did anyone really) expect that game. Good job on playing him!