Start 3 vs league juggernaut

Im playing the most stacked team in the league because people kept making awful trades. 12 Team Standard league. To give you an idea of the Juggernaut im facing, His WRs: M Thomas, J Jones, C Godwin… Rbs: Zeke/Chubb.

Which 3 running backs would you play out of these:

David Johnson, Chris Carson, David Montgomery, Devin Singletary, Tevin Coleman.

Im leaning Carson, montgo, singletary? is that crazy? I dont really want to trust johnson right now in a bad matchup and coming off of weird injury stuff. Need pure upside not safety I guess. Keenan Allen and waller only gave me total 12.60 points so already off to a bad start and im in 3rd place overall in an important matchup.

With it being standard I’d go with those 3 you mentioned. I would say DJ too but I feel if he has a big day it would be in ppr formats

Agree with @iNeedFFadvice’s take. If this were PPR I’d say go DJ for upside over Devin but play the matchups and go with Carson, Monty and Singletary.