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Start 3 wr


1/2 point league, I need to start 3…
Deandre Hopkins
Keenan Allen
Tyreek Hill
Devante Parker
Rishard Matthews


Hopkins Allen Hill


You don’t think that Parker is gonna have a bigger game than those 3 or atleast stands to have a higher TD chance aginast the Saints?


Hopkins hill and Parker are the best of those 3 !


An option you could consider is to play Parker and Hopkins in the early games, then depending on how the week is going choose between Hill or Allen for the third spot. Hill if you need an explosion of Allen if you just need a solid game.


I’m just not that crazy about Parker or London games. I find Allen’s volume and upside more appealing.


My original thought was Allen, Hill, Parker… I just find those match ups juicier but it’s hard not playing Hopkins.
I’m already down 15 points or so because I played Montgomery and I’m against Cobb


In order: Allen, Hill, Hopkins, Parker.