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Start 3WR from this bunch


Had Kamara Last night (5pts.) and my opponent has Deandre Hopkins who will probably destroy my fantasy season.

Jarvis Landry
Stefon Diggs
Sterling Shepard
Alshon Jeffery
Jermaine Kearse

Thanks for the help!


shepherd, landry, jeffrey


Landry is a weekly start no matter the matchup (most underrated fantasy player in PPR formats by a mile in my opinion). I would also start Shepard this week with Eli back. Jeffrey/Diggs is really close to me. I lean Diggs I think becuase you might need a bit of upside. So Landry, Shepard, Diggs is who I would play. (assuming PPR format. Standard changes my answer for sure…probably Diggs, Jeffrey, Shepard in standard)