Start A. Cooper over Brown?

I’m seriously considering starting A.Cooper over AB this week! Every football muscle in me is suggesting this is a terrible idea but I’m op against CMC and Gurley this week. I think i could end up needing the boom that Cooper could bring!

who is your other wrs? ab had a bad week last week but in ppr he is a solid 15+ points a week if not 20. Cooper has upside and im playing him but I wouldnt bench brown. Im more than fine tho playing both together

I’m playing in a standard league. Brown only made 6-7 points this week… My other WR is M. Thomas

thats one week. I have him in standard and he is reliable. imo you can’t bench both mt and brown but if you have a flex i would flex him

For RBs I have Zeke, AJ, Mixon and Dalvin. I’m starting Zeke and AJ as RBs and i think i would start Mixon in the flex?

ohh thats a tough one. Mixon or cooper, with driskel out i want to say they will do more runs/dumpoffs but I have never been that high on mixon so im a lil biased

Do you truly think AB is going to do WORSE than Cooper? Big Ben at home, Chargers without M. Gordon, JuJu on a roll and punishing teams for doubling AB, and it’s Antonio Freaking Brown! Play Michael Thomas, Play Antonio Brown, I’ve no idea who your RBs could be but feel free to flex Amari. Always play Antonio Brown. He has had a TD almost every game and multiple TDs in two weeks why would you not play him after one bad week especially against Todd Gurley and CMCC??? I don’t see the logic.

I think Mixon is a great play this week especially with Denver’s pass rush you’ll need to do dump off screen plays. I’d still never sit Antonio Brown.

The floor is without a single doubt with AB, but the ceiling (I think) is with Cooper that is where my headache starts!

You just said Amari Cooper has a higher ceiling than Antonio Brown… would you ever say that about Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, OBJ, Keenan Allen, or even Mike Evans? No. And that is the tier of WRs that AB is in. I get he had a bad week this week. Denver was ready for him and Pitt went to JuJu. You ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS play Antonio Brown. Cooper won’t ever have a higher ceiling than AB with Big Ben, which is one of the greatest QB to WR connections in THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. You gotta remember who you’re talking about here. Antonio Brown, top WR for the past five years minimum, or Amari Cooper, who was top 10 one season so far? Maybe? And he was recently traded for a first round pick so the cowboys are peppering him so that they don’t look dumb. Antonio Brown. GOAT.

I second this. you cant bench ab after one bad week but cooper is a good backup wr