Start A Jones, Lynch, or Landry?

Hello all,

I’m deciding who to slot into my flex for the week. I’m going against the highest scoring team so I’m aiming for upside. My thought was that Aaron Jones could have the highest ceiling of these 3 (especially against detroit). Standard scoring.

My roster:
QB: Mahomes
RB: Mixon
RB: Michel
WR: K. Allen
TE: McDonald
FLEX: Jones (Currently)
D: Bal
K: Crosby

Bench: M. Williams, Lynch, Drake (blah), Burton (Bye), Godwin (Bye), Landry, Sutton

Any other comments or suggestions are appreciated.

First off, congratulations on your team. Second, I think Landry has the most upside, and that Lynch has the highest floor. So I’d prob start Landry.

Thanks! Looks quite different than the team I drafted, but I put together some solid moves.

Even against Baltimore this week? I agree that Lynch has the highest floor so I thought he was kinda vanilla here, but he has a good match-up.

With it being standard, I would rank them Jones, Landry, Lynch. I just think Jones has too good of a matchup and with all of the Green Bay injuries they might run more. My only concern there is who knows what McCarthy will do.

Another thing to consider is the Ravens getting Jimmy Smith back to their already good secondary.

forgot about the injuries. that’s a good point. detroit is 2nd against passing and last against the rush btw. a jones might be a really good play, but yes mccarthy makes it all a guessing game even with a great matchup like that. i still like landry i think. i feel like mayfield will be trying to force it to him all game. and def take a couple shots.

I play aaron jones without hesitation.

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Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. If McCarthy wakes up and gives Jones 20 touches this week (which could happen) I don’t hesitate at all. But who knows if that’s going to happen. I was thinking the injuries would open up more opportunity for Jones and the Lions run D is terrible. I feel like he has the highest upside.

I get the appeal with Landry though, but seeing them lock down the entire Steelers offense last week has me nervous here.

I think (hope) the packers call a lot of run plays this weekend. I think the ravens defense will dominate the browns offense, with a rookie QB too.