Start Aaron Jones (vs Oak) or Devin Singletary (vs Mia)?

Also starting Saquon. Obvious start would be Jones, except for the shared carries with Williams. But love the matchup with Miami for Singletary. Also could put Singletary in Flex for Robby Anderson.

Singletary is a bit of an unknown at this point, but with Gore as the alternative, and Aaron Jones likely splitting time… I’d say Singletary.

yeah, tough call with two unknows: how much will Bills trust Singletary coming back off a long absence, with Gore being a pretty dang effective run-it-down-your-throat guy (which is the game plan), and how hard-core is coach LaFleur about punishing lousy play and rewarding good play (which would shift touches away from Jones this week.) I picked up Singletary in a couple leagues but am having trouble starting him. . . I picked up Peterson last week in the same way, but didn’t hesitate because that was “this week is it”, with Singletary, we can afford to miss the first break-out, because the schedule for the next 4 games sets him up for plenty more. I don’t want to risk the no-breakout, with Gore retaining the goal line work and maybe even the lion’s share of the snaps–which he might do, if he starts out strong (and this is Gore. . . against Miami). Peterson was a sure thing for the touches, not so for Singletary.