Start Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson

Rodgers has been alright this season, but with the emergence of Aaron Jones and a tough road matchup against the Vikes, am I crazy to consider starting Lamar Jackson over him in a nice home matchup with the worst team in football?

What are your thoughts footclan?

there is prob only like 3 QB’s id maybe start over rodgers depending on matchup

Jackson is not one of them


I don’t care how average and lack luster he’s been he’s Aaron freaking Rogers there’s guys I’d bench him for 100% but Lamar Jackson isn’t in that category


I think you’re overthinking this. If you play Jackson and he outscores Rodgers, some people probably think you’re a genious. More probably think you got lucky. I think it just means you got lucky.


C’mon, you know it’s Rodgers over Lamar. Just because it’s the Raiders, you want to start him. Don’t

Aaron Rodgers hands down, they are out for blood this weekend

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Okay, you guys are right. I’ll stick with Rodgers. Appreciate the advice footclan! Good luck to everyone this weekend

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I’m glad you came here and let the footclan take your worries away! Rodgers is always a start. Cheers, Happy Holidays and Best of Luck!

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Damn and I thought Lamar over Watson haha.

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well… they are playing Oakland… I’d say Lamar for a big risk and for fun ceiling there! but if you’re projected to win maybe stick with Watson…

Thats the exact situation I’m in this weekend without Mahomes.