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Start Adam Humphries or Terrence Williams


Both have potential to be busier this week. Might be a toss up.


This week, Humphries. ROS, Williams.
Fitzpatrick uses Humphries as his No. 1 in practices. Probably has a rappore. Without Evans, it could be a monster week.
Williams ROS because Dallas is the better team and Dez is more likely to get impactfully hurt


Damn good take. I am basically using them to fill in for Agholor while he’s on bye. I’ll probably want Aggy rest of season but who knows Williams could be just getting started.


I’m at the point where I want to put Humphries in this week but I’d have to drop C. Davis or Jordy to pick him up and I don’t think I can do either because of the ROS implications


1 would prefer Humphries as wel. Especially since Dez might play.


Humphries with Dez in


Thanks! Last minute flex question. Would you want to flex Doyle or T Williams? Doyle has tough Steelers this week but I’m always inclined to start him.