Start adams AND valdes-scantling?

half point


I’d start Adams for sure, he is due, Rodgers is talking about more targets his way.
Then Cooks & Mecole both have good match ups, potential for lots of points and receptions
The Packers don’t look like the same Offensive team in past…the Defense is stepping up.
Mecole has high ceiling but low floor
Cooks has a higher floor but maybe a capped ceiling with all the weapons LA has

Yeah, Adams is a lock on the line up for sure.

Sounds like it, but would you start cooks and mecole over valdes?

So flex mecole and wr2 for cooks

Cooks over MVS for me personally. I cant see Adams having another sub par target share game. How many games have we seen Adams have 10+ targets and how many games have we seen MVS have 10+ targets? With that being said, I can see MVS getting 4-6 targets this game. Cooks is a 1A on the Rams who is much more talented and gets going against the Bucs. If the Rams defense faulters, its liable to be a shootout meaning targets galore

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So would you even start mvs, given mecole’s upside?

depends on what you need. if you’re facing a juggernaught of an opponent, hardman has more explosive potential. he can also poop his pants and get you 5 points

Tight matchup this week.