Start Alex Smith?

My opponent has Tyreke Hill and Kareem Hunt. Is it worth for me to pick up and start Alex Smith to try and cancel out some of those points? My other options are Cousins (yikes) or Rivers. Thanks, appreciate any help.

I’ll never recommend starting players to cancel out the opponents guys. Play the QB with the best chance at scoring the most points.

This case I think i’d recommend Cousins.


I have trust issues after starting Kirk Cousins the first 2 weeks

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I can see why you’d be worried, but I also agree, I think Cousins is due for some points

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What about Wentz or Cousins? I’m kind of at the same thought processes as ecwun11 about Kirk. 0-2 right now!!!

The Jets put up a lot of points against the Raiders, if they can do that, I think Cousins can too.

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I hope you’re right McButterBallz. I’ve got him starting, but…LOL…been getting that REAL ITCHY finger syndrome all week and getting worse by the day. (As in clicking that MOVE button). Reckon I can give him the benefit of the doubt for 1 more week. But…0-3 is not the easiest standings to make a come-back from. Just starting to get kinda nervous here. Thanks for your feedback!!!

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Haha, I understand completely we got a lot of weeks left to go through! If he loses your week, then I’ll take the hit on that :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL…well…truthfully can’t pin it JUST on him. Also got DeMarco, Shady, Thielen and Rudolph. None looking too promising at the moment!!! GRRRR

I like all those players :p. I think you’ll be just fine in the long run

Well, except for the fact that DeMarco (hammy), Shady (wrist), Thielen and Rudolph are having to deal with Keenum right now.

Oh and did I mention that I also have T West (calf)? LOL

Trust me I know your pain, in one of my leagues. I have David Johnson (Injured), Allen Robinson (Injured), Jordy Nelson (Who was injured but seems to be playing this week) Gronk (Same scenario), and Terrance West :stuck_out_tongue: We all definitely got some rough spots

LOL…yep…I lost A-Rob too. And Kevin White!!! Been a CRAZY, CRAZY year already!!!

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