Start Amari Cooper WK7?

Should I start Amari Cooper this week? I have him in two leagues. Standard 12 team/6pt

League 1
I have John Brown, Auden Tate, Scary Terry, Robbie Anderson
Lazard is on the wire and would be intriguing gamble this week

League 2
I have Alshon Jeffery and Crowder
Lazard is on the wire too

If he plays you likely have to start him, Eagles CBs are so exploitable

Unfortunately he has that freaking late night game. I hope something comes out before the start of all the other games.

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Crowder is safe enough to where you can pivot to Alshon if Coop is ruled out in the second league, but realistically you can choose not to play Coop in both these leagues. You have solid starts.

For your league 2, Alshon jeffery is a good enough replacement last min, so wait and see how amari is feeling before the game and if you need to switch him out you can for Jeffrey.

Your League 1 dilemma is a little bit tougher to manage. I like John brown with the miami matchup and Allen is targeting brown deep. Auden tate is also not a bad pick. It really depends if you wanna start one of them or risk it and see how amari is feeling.

I am facing a similar situation between him and Jamison Crowder. I am worried about him playing but then getting stripped from the game in the first quarter. Crowded doesn’t have a good matchup but it is tempting to play a Crowder over him. Thankfully crowder plays Monday