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Start and sit help!


I am currently 3-0 but this week I face my hardest matchup yet. I need big numbers from my WR but I don’t know who to start ):

Help!! Thank you


This team is filthy. You must have a small league.

My lineup pick: Drop Mariota, pick up QB like Taylor, Manning, or Keenum/Bradfod vikings are killing in. After that your lineup looks solid except I would swap out TE, maybe pickup Witten.


Haha yea this is my 8 man league. Yea I was thinking about dropping mariota for Taylor… also what do you think about trading reed and some WR for Gronk? The Gronk owner needs WR


Why trade your depth, stream a TE. You’ll be streaming at some point anyway with Gronk.


Yea but the problem is who do I drop for a TE? I need to make a 2 for 1 trade to make room in my bench.


With your starters, you could prob leave the K slot blank and still win :grin:


lmaoo i just traded for bell so now i have Hunt and Bell as my RB :smiley:


pick up vernon davis for TE and play whoever is starting.